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Version 21

Church Windows v21 Dashboard Preview Webinars are upcoming!

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Vanco Direct Donations Import

A recently-added feature allows the option to connect directly with Vanco to download giving information into Donations.

The Import Donations feature allowing file import into Donations has existed, but this a great, new, time-saving option through our partner, Vanco Payment Solutions.

Current Vanco clients who wish to take advantage of this new feature need to have Vanco set up a web services account for this purpose.

Cumulative Version 21 “What’s New” Documents

Version 21 Searchable/Printable Help Documents
(May take a moment to load, then may be downloaded. These Help files are accessible within Church Windows or Payroll by pressing the F1-key.)

Church Windows Help Online
(Access directly anytime at

View Church Windows Help Online

Church Windows Payroll Help Online
(Access directly anytime at

View Church Windows Payroll Help Online

Church Windows v21 – Membership: Dashboard Preview

Church Windows v21 – Donations: Dashboard Preview

Church Windows v21 – Accounting: Dashboard Preview

Remember that the built-in Help may be accessed from any Church Windows screen by pressing F1.

Reading Church Windows Financial Statements Recorded Webinar

If you have wondered how to read and understand your church’s financials, this educational opportunity is for you! The presentation will cover four main reports in the Church Windows Accounting program.

  • Balance Sheet
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Fund Activity Report
  • Summary of Cash Activity

Each statement is reviewed and an explanation of how the statements fit together is explained. No experience necessary and it’s free!

This Webinar took place July 12, 2011. The following is the webinar divided into four convenient segments.

Our facilitator is Mary Lou Turnbull, CCA, who offers more than 15 years’ experience working with church councils and financial staffs.