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Version 22.19.3 and Payroll 2020

Cumulative Version 22 “What’s New” Documents

Version 22 Searchable/Printable Help Documents
(May take a moment to load, then may be downloaded. These Help files are accessible within Church Windows or Payroll by pressing the F1-key.)

Payroll 2020 is Ready!

CHURCH WINDOWS DESKTOP USERS: To update from Payroll 2019 to Payroll 2020, please visit the Download Current Updates page.

CHURCH WINDOWS WEB USERS: Payroll 2020 will be updated automatically for you soon.

Payroll 2020 includes updated W-2 & W-3 forms, and updated formatting allows printing 1099 & 1096 tax forms on the appropriate forms.

New Federal tax tables and updated tables for many states are included as well.

What’s New in Payroll 2020

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Church Windows v22 – Preview Video

Remember that built-in Help may be accessed from any screen of Church Windows Software by pressing the F1 key on your keyboard.