February 20, 2015

Software Update: Reasons to Update to Version 17.14.3

The attached document is a printable list of the many reasons for the church to install Church Windows version 17.14.3.
January 25, 2016

System: Portals Screen (v17 & Newer)

This video reviews the areas of the main home screen of Church Windows, also known as the portals screen.
October 16, 2017

Membership: Church Windows v20 Sneak Preview

In this video, see some of the new features in the Membership and Visitors screens. Presented 05/24/2017.
December 18, 2017

Install: General Instructions

These documents provide general steps needed to be performed to install Church Windows.
October 4, 2018

Donations: Entry Slowdown after Updating to v21.18.1

Using Church Windows Desktop, you can quickly and easily back up the data to your local computer or a thumb/flash drive.
June 17, 2019

System: Moving Church Windows and Payroll to a New Computer

This document walks through the steps for moving Church Windows and Payroll to a new computer.
June 17, 2019

System: Version Upgrade Chart

In this document, view the Church Windows Version upgrade chart.  Learn what versions can up upgraded directly to current.