March 30, 2015

Donations: Converting from Contributions Preparation Help

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April 28, 2016

Donations: Enhancements (v17)

This video covers many of the enhancements and new features seen in Church Windows Donations, Version 17.
May 26, 2016

All Modules: Exporting to Excel (v17 & Newer)

This webinar will demonstrate how to easily export your Church Windows data and reports to Excel. Presented on 5/24/2016
February 21, 2017

Donations: Mid-year Giving Statement (v17 & Newer)

In this Church Windows video, you’ll learn how to run mid-year giving statements to include pledge comparisons. Presented on 6/29/2016.
June 29, 2018

Donations: Vanco Import (v20 & Newer)

In this video, a joint presentation with Vanco, learn how to use the new import feature from Vanco into Donations to easily import online giving. Presented on 6/26/18.
August 8, 2018

Church Windows: Contributions to Donations Conversion Movie

Contributions to Donations Conversion Movie visually walks through the steps in converting from the old Contributions module to Donations.
October 19, 2018

Donations: Report Options (v19 & Newer)

In this video, learn about the report options available to create reports that show the information you need to see. Presented on 10/17/2018.
October 26, 2018

Accounting: Donations Income (v19 & Newer)

In this video, learn about linking and transferring donations to accounting. Presented on 10/24/2018.