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To our many Church Windows Software clients in the Panama City, FL, area plus all areas affected by Hurricane Michael, our thoughts and prayers are with you & your loved ones as you recover and rebuild. We are also still thinking of those previously affected by Hurricane Florence!

  • Sue B.
    I belong to a group of UMC secretaries that have a Linking Hands email group. Recently, one of the churches asked if anyone used Church Windows. You would not believe the wonderful replies, especially on how great the Support group was.
    Sue B.
    St Clair, MI
  • Lisa T.

    Thank you for your prompt response.  I am a CPA and a Vice President for a college where we have pooled cash accounts. Church Windows is a reasonably priced, sophisticated accounting software program and I knew that there must be a way to do this even though I could not figure it out initially.

    Lisa T.
    Lake Mills, IA
  • Linda V.

    The Support team at CW is excellent, the best I have ever experienced in the 45 years of my working career.

    Linda V.
    Williamsburg, VA
  • Wendy S.

    I explored this latest update for about a week or so – not sure I have found out everything it can do yet, but I love it. I have been using Church Windows for 8 years and I think this is the most excited I have been about an update or upgrade that Church Windows has made!!

    Wendy S.
    Ft. Myers, FL
  • Ann B.

    I have stayed with Church Windows Software all these years (since 1998!) because of your ease of use, timely updates, and great support.

    Ann B.
    Melbourne, FL
  • Katie W.
    We have been using Church Windows since 1999 and have been extremely pleased with the program and the helpful, friendly Support people. I recently took a Church Windows Online Accounting Class. The instructor ROCKED! He was awesome, very helpful and congenial.
    Katie W.
    Hamilton, MT
  • Paul D.

    I want you to know how pleased we are with Church Windows Web.  We were initially concerned with security until we realized that the program for our church currently resided on 5 different computers.  Now it’s on one secure server, yet we can access it from anywhere.

    Paul D.
    Dallas, TX
  • Gerald W.

    You guys have always had the best support, easy to understand and follow, and its some of the best money our church ever spent!

    Gerald W.
    Westlake, OH
  • John L.

    Thank you - thank you - thank you!! Church Windows is very intuitive to use and the improvements are wonderful!  It continues to improve with every release and I sincerely appreciate the way that you listen to your customers!!

    John L.
    Orchard Park, NY
  • Sandy C.

    So, please let me tell you that I have loved your Church Windows program since it was installed several years ago.  The people have always been very helpful and courteous and I have recommended your program to several other churches.  Thank you for these years of successful and enjoyable working relationships.

    Sandy C.
    Fond du Lac, WI
  • Albert M.
    I was very impressed with the demonstration of Church Windows yesterday. I have spent many years as a CPA...and I look forward to helping the church get started. I believe your program is impossible to beat.
    Albert M.
    Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • D. Posey

    Been using your software for more than 3 years.  Just started using {major competitor software} for my non-church job.  IMHO, Church Windows beats out {major competitor software} in every category - design, features, functions, reporting - everything.

    D. Posey
    Wayne, NJ
  • Denise A.

    Church Windows is an amazing program for churches!  When I started this position (2 years ago next month), CW was not utilized to its fullest potential.  After reworking it with help from your staff, the Pastor and Finance Committee are beyond happy now.  Not enough can be said about Church Windows Support.  You Rock!!  Thanks!

    Denise A.
    Ft. Worth, TX
  • Mary W.

    You all have been the BEST support of anyone I have ever had to call over the years. You don’t assume anything, and you make sure you carefully and accurately walk me through every step, bless you!

    Mary W.
    Philadelphia, PA
  • Ron T.

    Love the flexibility, the ease of use, and the amazing reports.

    Ron T.
    Waynesville, NC
  • John G.

    I don't know how many other software companies my church researched but I'm really glad they picked yours. I've called a lot over the past few weeks and your customer service is excellent, everyone is always so patient and helpful.

    John G.
    Ramsey, NJ
  • Tessa B.

    Great Job !! I have worked with many accounting software packages for churches and Church Windows is the best one I have come across thus far.

    Tessa B.
    Virginia Beach, VA