church windows donations

Replacing the Contributions Module with a more robust, modern version. Donations is streamlined, and even more full-featured.

Check the features listed below the watch the Donations Preview Video or sign up for a live, Donations Preview Webinar!

With Donations, you can:

  • Import electronic giving automatically from major online giving services
  • Enter giving quickly and easily
  • Utilize robust pledge capabilities with unlimited campaigns and time periods
  • View and search all giving from everyone in the new browser
  • Enjoy using powerful, flexible reporting and statements
  • Record giving from an individual or family
  • Use envelope numbers or not – your choice
  • Export reports with one click
  • Correct errors easily using the correcting feature
  • See a history of data changes using the new secure audit trail
  • Assign multi-level security

There's also, Ease of Entry

  • Enter Donations efficiently and accomplish the task of tracking Giving with minimal keystrokes
  • View Pledge information on the Donations Entry screen
  • Enter monies by Giver Name or Envelope Number
  • Use Descriptions to help with Gifts-In-Kind and other special giving situations

Accuracy of Report Output

  • Fulfill all government requirements for documentation and giving on Giving Statements
  • Track stewardship campaign effectiveness
  • Report on and track annual giving and multi-year capital campaigns
  • Compare gifts to pledges
  • Create properly-numbered Canadian Donation Receipts, if needed

Helps Effectively Manage Time

  • Reassign all or a portion of Envelope Numbers automatically
  • Connect to Membership Reporting for emailing or for mailing those ahead or behind in Pledge
  • Create Graphs rapidly to visually display information
  • Customize Giving Statement messages as you wish

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