church windows membership


The Membership screen contains a wealth of information available in an easy-to-view and quickly accessible layout.

Household and Individual Records

  • View Household and Individual records simultaneously
  • Track Household and Individual Alternate Addresses
  • View all Household names (with option to display ages)
  • Accommodate non-traditional and traditional family structures effortlessly
  • Customize fields to meet your church’s data needs

Connect with People!

  • Access and send individual emails with minimal mouse clicks
  • Easily email a number of people, a group, or a committee
  • Track Personal Attendance of events and worship
  • Enter Personal Visitation, and make notations, including Follow-Up Date


  • Report Attendance and Visitation in summary or in detail
  • Create Custom Reports based on criteria you choose
  • Prepare reports and labels based on multiple criteria
  • Export information for viewing in a spreadsheet program or merging with a word processor
  • Print a Church Directory in multiple, flexible formats

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