For personalized help with in-depth Accounting and Payroll issues, contact Steeple Accounting for practical, knowledgeable solutions to your church’s accounting challenges!

Services include:

  • Setting up the organization’s Chart of Accounts and payroll records
  • Oversight of bookkeeping functions including bank reconciliations and preparation of financial statements
  • Assistance with payroll preparation and appropriate tax filings
  • Education of church governing bodies (fraud prevention, pre-audit checklists, compliance issue workshops, etc.)
  • Cleaning up and fixing financial records that have been neglected or set up incorrectly
  • Provide semi-annual or annual financial “check-ups” for client churches
  • Prepare and review organization’s internal control policies including church fraud risk assessment
  • Investigating suspicion of fraud

Feel free to call during office hours, Mon – Thurs 9am – noon (Eastern time)

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