Dynamic Systems is the recommended forms and check provider for Computer Helper Publishing software. The same standard check layout is used for Church Windows Accounting and for Church Windows Payroll.

The Dynamic Systems Item Numbers are as follows:

  • Laser Check (Stub-Check-Stub)   #CWI-2213
  • Laser Check (Check-Stub-Stub)   #CWI-2113

A Note About These Two Check Types: The CWI-2213 Stub-Check-Stub format will work exactly as expected with Church Windows. If you prefer the Check-Stub-Stub layout, the CWI-2113 check will be “close.” This means that, depending on your printer and settings, it might not line up perfectly, but it will be close.

For best alignment accuracy, we typically recommend the Stub-Check-Stub layout for Church Windows and for Payroll.

In order to best serve you, Dynamic Systems has created a section of their web site dedicated to Church Windows users. You may access this site at www.cwforms.com.