PACKAGE: All Membership 200-Level Workbooks – Downloadable


M201 - Membership 201 - Downloadable

Setting Up Groups & Classes and Skills & Interests, Assigning People into Groups/Classes and Skills/Interests, Advancing Groups/Classes, Recording & Reporting on Visits

M202 - Membership 202 - Downloadable

Recording & Reporting on Attendance

M203 - Membership 203 - Downloadable

Sending Emails , CASS Certification & NOCA  files, Printing Bar Codes on Labels, Mail Merge/Export, Exporting CW Membership Data to Outlook & to Constant Contact

M204 - Membership 204 - Downloadable

Membership Reporting: Reports/Directory/Export; People, Giving/Pledging, Accounts, & Sort Tabs; Standard Report Formats (including Directory); Standard CW Reports: Birth Date, Anniversary, Groups/Classes or Skills/Interests

M205 - Membership 205 - Downloadable

Using the Report Designer, Sample Reports: Children’s Directory showing Parents’ Information, Report of No Attendance and No Donations, Report using And/Or Buttons and the Use of Parentheses

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