PACKAGE: All Donations Workbooks – Pre-Printed


D101 - Donations 101- Printed Version

Setup: Adding Donations Givers, Adding Membership Givers, Setting up Donation Giving Accounts, Setting up Subtotals


D102 - Donations 102 - Printed Version

Default Settings, Batch Codes, Entering Donations: Entering Process, Account Order, Working with the Batch, Edit Item, Delete Entry, Print Batch Reports, Post the Batch; Special Donations: In-Kind, Gifts of Stock; Giving Distribution, Add Giving Account, Add New Donor, Prior System Donations; Posted Batches: View, Print, Correct, Refresh, Reactivate


D103 - Donations 103 - Printed Version

Transfer to Accounting: Link, Transfer, Transfer using Backup & Restore, Import, Export to Batch File; Pledges & Campaigns: Edit or Remove Pledge Info, Edit or Delete a Campaign, Start New Campaign, Pledges by Giver Tab; View, Change and or Edit Pledge Info


D104 - Donations 104 - Printed Version

Special Donations Situations: Transfer between Individuals, Inactivating/Terminating a Giver, Gift from an Estate, Change a Giver #, Auto-Assign Giver #s, Stop Using Giver #s; Donations Transactions: Browse, Correcting, Reversing, NSF Correcting; Browse Filter & Sort


D105 - Donations 105 - Printed Version

Report Options: Filter, Group & Sort, Columns, Fonts, Givers, Accounts, and Options Tabs; Show Reversed, Suppressing Repeating Transaction Data, Export, Send Via Email; Donation Reports: Log Report, Giving Summary, Deposit Slip; Compare & Analyze: Pledge/Giving Analysis, Campaign Comparison, Giving Comparison, Step Report


D106 - Donations 106 - Printed Version

Donations Statements: Receiving, Setting Up, Tabs on Donations Statement screen, Statement Designer; Emailing Donations Statements; Lists & Labels: List Account Balances, List Giver #s, Labels

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