PACKAGE: All Accounting Workbooks – Pre-Printed


A101 - Accounting 101 - Printed Version

Fund Accounting Definition, Components, Ratio of Funds to Assets; Chart of Accounts Wizard: Setting Fiscal Year, Using Account Numbers, Designing Structure; Assets & Liabilities; Setting Balances


A102 - Accounting 102 - Printed Version

User-Interface Screen; Chart of Accounts Screen: Search plus Account Information, Detail, Balance, Tree View, & Vendor/Payee Tabs; Adding/Deleting/Editing an Account; Creating/Editing/Deleting Subtotals; Sub Funds & Sub Accounts


A103 - Accounting 103 - Printed Version

Basic Transactions: Transaction Types & Numbers, Dual Entry, Effects of Debits and Credits; Transfer Donations to Accounting; Other Income: Entering, Multi-Lined Transaction, Income to Expense, Income to Liability; Entering and Paying Expenses, Adding Vendors on Enter Bills Screen, Posting Credit Memos, Show Running Balance; Pay Bills and Quick Pay; Paying from a Liability and Pass-Through Liabilities; Paying 941 Tax Deposit; Print Checks


A201 - Accounting 201 - Printed Version

Budget Entering; Custom Account Groups; Financial Reports; Report Format Tabs: Custom Account Group, Columns, Detail, Funds, Fonts, Print Options; Getting Ready for Meetings: Balance Sheet, Treasurer’s Report, Fund Activity Report, Summary of Cash Activity, Check Register, Other Accounting Reports; Exporting Financial Data including Transactions, Accounts, Vendors, & A/R Clients


A202 - Accounting 202 - Printed Version

Other Transactions: Transfers & Journal Entry; Recurring Transactions: Setting Up, Using, Editing; Corrections & Browsing Transactions Filter & Sort: Filter, Vendors/Payees, Group & Sort, Columns; Making Corrections, Marking a Bill as Paid; Manage Years: Change to another existing, Set New, View Year Information, Recopy Chart of Accounts from Prior, Update Begninning Balances, Close Accounting Year, Convert to Non-Calendar Year, Convert from Non-Calendar to Calendar Yearents


A203 - Accounting 203 - Printed Version

Adjust Asset; Manual Payroll Journal Entry: Setting Up, Using, Editing; Voiding Checks; Prior System Checks; Bank Reconciliation


ACRV - Accounting Accounts Receivable - Printed Version

Invoices A/R Clients; Print Invoices; Design an Invoice; Collect Accounts Receivable; Print A/R Statements; Posting a Refund; Writing Off Uncollectable; Handling an NSF; Simple Invoice; Invoice with Payment Coupon; Statement

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