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When clicking on the Reports button from the Membership Portal, the Membership Reports window will open. You will use this process for creating almost all of your Membership Reports, including Directories, Mail Merges, and lists of specific combinations of people in your database.


There are two steps in the process of creating reports:

  • Step 1 is where you select WHO appears on the report.
  • Step 2 is where you select WHAT information appears on the report.

If your are creating a Directory report, you do NOT need to enter any search criteria as Directories are automatically based off of the "Include on Directory" and "Directory/Report Order" fields on The Individual Record. All you need do in Step 1 is be sure the Sort tab has the desired selections.


Step 1 — Select who should appear on the report

There are 4 tabs here for you to limit your report to include specific people by making selections on the People, Giving / Pledging, Accounts, and/or Sort tabs:


Once you have selected the appropriate criteria in any tab(s), you have the ability to save the all selections you have made in all the tabs by clicking on the floppy-disc button to the right of the Saved Selections field at the bottom, at any time, no matter which tab you are in, and name it appropriately. From that point on, you can access that specific search criteria any time you go back into this screen.

Once you have made all your selections on all of the necessary tabs in Step 1, you can click the → Next button at the bottom to get to the Step 2 — Select the report layout/format screen


Step 2 — Select the report layout/format

Here you will have a new set of tabs and options to determine how your report will look:


Options tab

First, select the desired report format in the upper left. There are six choices for types of reports:

  1. Basic
  2. All Information
  3. Directory
  4. Custom
  5. Mail Merge / Export
  6. Directory Export

Pay special attention to the blue text at the bottom of the Options area below the dropdown menu, which will change depending upon the type of report you have selected to inform you of any specific requirements for that type of report. For example, a Directory report requires the "Include on Directory" and "Directory/Report Order" fields on The Individual Record to be filled out correctly.


Report Templates

Selecting any one of these six report options will offer different template choices in the dropdown list below. There are many different layouts and options for each type of report. The default layouts that come with Church Windows will all say [Template] and then the name of the layout. These templates cannot be modified or replaced, however they can be used as a starting point as long as you enter a new name when you save the layout. Any layout that you modify or create cannot have [Template] before the name of the layout. Regardless of which report you choose, you can either select an existing template from the dropdown list or click New to create your own report:


To create your own template for any type of report, start by clicking the New button. The New Report Setup screen gives options for adjusting page setup information and entering a Report Name, then click OK:


When naming a new report layout, keep in mind that you are creating a template which can be used for other reports with different data in the future, therefore names should NOT include specific dates or the search criteria you used to compile the report. Instead, the name should indicate what kind of information will be included in the report.


Basic, All Information, Mail Merge / Export, and Directory Export

Each of these report types are modified and created in the same way.

  • The default template for Basic reports is called the "[Template] Basic Columnar Report" and will usually include Name, Address, and Phone number.
  • This template will also include the dates for Birthday and Anniversary Reports and specific relevant fields on Groups / Classes and Skills / Interests Reports.
  • You cannot save over or delete the default templates that come with Church Windows, you will need to create your own template if you wish to include other fields. If you attempt to modify a default layout you will get a popup message like this:
  • Directory Exports are used when you are using a company such as LifeTouch, Olan Mills, etc. to produce a directory for your Church and you need to send them a TXT or CSV file containing your Membership data.
  • You can delete any templates that you have made but no longer need by selecting it from the dropdown and then clicking the Delete button.
  • Use the Select Fields button to open the Column Selector to determine what information will be included on your report / export:


Directory and Custom

  • For Directory / Custom Reports, the template options will be the same for both choices:

  • If you select a template that requires any further editing to be completed, a message will popup:

  • Formatting is done using the Report Designer, accessed by clicking the Edit button (the Column Selector is not used for these reports).
  • This detailed tool lets you change the intricate aspects of each field on your report: fonts, sizes, position, separators, headers and footers, etc. This is a very involved tool and usually only used by those very familiar with customization and designing that have specific requirements.
  • The Basic report options above usually allow sufficient customization using the Column Selector for most reports; so before using Directory / Custom Reports, make sure there is not already a default template or Basic report that will suit your needs.


Organization Info tab

Unless otherwise specified, your Church name will appear at the top of the report as you initially entered it into the Organization Info stored in System Information in the Administration area of Church Windows.


If you need to create additional sets of Organization Information, click the add button Add button. Or, select an existing name from the Org. Info box and click either edit button Edit to change it or delete button Delete to remove it from the list.


Additional Options tabs

To the right of the Options/ Organization Info tabs are two or three other tabs with various additional report options depending on which type of report you have selected. These tabs let you further customize what and how you want other items to show on your output:


Select People

The bottom half of this window allows you to do a final select and/or deselect of people and/or groups on the reports:


The list contains every person, group, class, etc. that meets the criteria of your report parameters. They will all default to having a check in the Print column so that they will appear on the report. However, if you want to deselect anyone or anything, you can take the check out of the box to exclude them from your report. There are buttons at the bottom to "Check 'Print' for all" or "Uncheck 'Print' for all" with a single click, along with a ← Back button if you need to return to make changes to the report criteria in Step 1 — Select who should appear on the report.


Once you have made all of your selections, click Print to view a Print Preview and then proceed in sending the file to your printer. You can also Export most reports and/or Send via Email as a file to be used outside of Church Windows.


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