Church Windows allows you to add a photograph to The Individual Record and The Family Record. Pictures are only necessary if you intend to use Church Windows to print a pictorial Directory / Custom Reports with photos. Pictures may be added from any source such as a CD, digital camera or a scanner, or a video board with a video camera attached, etc. When you have a professional company take pictures of your members and create a pictorial directory for you, sometimes the company can give you the digitized photos on a CD or USB drive. Supported file types are the following formats: BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, or WMF.

Adding, Changing, or Removing pictures in Church Windows is quite easy. The Membership  Module will allow you to move through your records in The People File and preview the pictures you already added and to connect new pictures to individual or family records. This routine saves the photos in the CW\Pictures directory with the correct file names for you.

If you will have one photo for each family, we recommend that you save that photo to The Family Record instead of one of the individuals. In the past, you were only able to store individual photos and the one assigned to the 1 — Primary person was used in pictorial Directories. If you have assigned the family photo to the 1 — Primary person, as in previous versions of Church Windows, use the Indiv / Family Pictures tab in Settings to move that photo to The Family Record.

To access the Pictures assignment screen:

  • From The Initial Portal of Church Windows choose Membership.
  • Open The People File.
  • If the appropriate family/individual record is not open, bring it to the screen using Person Lookup, the Prior and Next buttons, or Using the Find Function.
  • Click the Photo tab, which appears above The Family Record or The Individual Record






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