Training Workbooks: Downloadable & Preprinted

The Training Workbooks available here are a teaching tool. So they are written as if a trainer is walking you through each process!

The Training Workbooks are available for purchase in two ways: either as a downloadable, searchable PDF file or in the traditional, printed format.

These workbooks provide step-by-step training through every topic covered in our training classes.

Each workbook is available for $12 in Downloadable form and $22 in Pre-Printed and binder-ready (mailed to you.) Upon purchase, watch for (and click) the Download link next to each item purchased. There will also be  a link in the purchase confirmation email that will be immediately sent.

Below is a listing of each books and a listing of major topic contents.



PACKAGE: All Membership Workbooks

PACKAGE: All Membership 100-Level Workbooks

PACKAGE: All Membership 200-Level Workbooks

M101 - Membership 101

Settings, Setting up Families & Individuals, Blank Data Entry form, Alternate Family & Individual Addresses, Contact List, Transfers

M102 - Membership 102

Types of Fields, Customizing Fields, When a Family or Someone Leaves the Church, Searches using Find,  Working with the Grid

M103 - Membership 103

Using the Contact List, Printing Labels, Using Mass Edit

M201 - Membership 201

Setting Up Groups & Classes and Skills & Interests, Assigning People into Groups/Classes and Skills/Interests, Advancing Groups/Classes, Recording & Reporting on Visits

M202 - Membership 202

Recording & Reporting on Attendance

M203 - Membership 203

Sending Emails , CASS Certification & NOCA  files, Printing Bar Codes on Labels, Mail Merge/Export, Exporting CW Membership Data to Outlook & to Constant Contact

M204 - Membership 204

Membership Reporting: Options and Tabs, Standard Report Formats (including Directory), Standard CW Reports: Birth Date, Anniversary, Groups/Classes or Skills/Interests

M205 - Membership 205

Using the Report Designer, Sample Reports: Children’s Directory showing Parents’ Information, Report of No Attendance and No Donations, Report using And/Or Buttons and the Use of Parentheses

EMailCW - Emailing from Church Windows

Entering Email Addresses, Setting Up Email Settings, Emailing from Membership & Donations, Emailing Reports & Donation Statements


PACKAGE: All Scheduler Workbooks

S101 - Scheduler 101

Setup, Linking to Membership, Categories/Duties/Equipment/Locations, Opening and Creating a New Event, Recurrence, Schedule Conflicts

S102 - Scheduler 102

Reports, Page Setup, Content/Format/Selections Tabs, Preview, Reports: Calendar, Event, Conflict, Duties, People, Equipment, and Location


PACKAGE: All Donations Workbooks

D101 - Donations 101

Setup: Adding Donations Givers, Adding Membership Givers, Setting up Donation Giving Accounts, Setting up Subtotals

D102 - Donations 102

Default Settings, Batch Codes, Entering Donations: Entering Process, Account Order, Working with the Batch, Edit Item, Delete Entry, Print Batch Reports, Post the Batch; Special Donations: In-Kind, Gifts of Stock; Giving Distribution, Add Giving Account, Add New Donor, Prior System Donations; Posted Batches: View, Print, Correct, Refresh, Reactivate

D103 - Donations 103

Transfer to Accounting: Link, Transfer, Transfer using Backup & Restore, Import, Export to Batch File; Pledges & Campaigns: Edit or Remove Pledge Info, Edit or Delete a Campaign, Start New Campaign, Pledges by Giver Tab; View, Change and or Edit Pledge Info

D104 - Donations 104

Special Donations Situations: Transfer between Individuals, Inactivating/Terminating a Giver, Gift from an Estate, Change a Giver #, Auto-Assign Giver #s, Stop Using Giver #s; Donations Transactions: Browse, Correcting, Reversing, NSF Correcting; Browse Filter & Sort

D105 - Donations 105

Report Options: Filter, Group & Sort, Columns, Fonts, Givers, Accounts, and Options Tabs; Show Reversed, Suppressing Repeating Transaction Data, Export, Send Via Email; Donation Reports: Log Report, Giving Summary, Deposit Slip; Compare & Analyze: Pledge/Giving Analysis, Campaign Comparison, Giving Comparison, Step Report

D106 - Donations 106

Donations Statements: Receiving, Setting Up, Tabs on Donations Statement screen, Statement Designer; Emailing Donations Statements; Lists & Labels: List Account Balances, List Giver #s, Labels


PACKAGE: All Accounting Workbooks

PACKAGE: All Accounting 100-Level Workbooks

PACKAGE: All Accounting 200-Level Workbooks

A101 - Accounting 101

Fund Accounting Definition, Components, Ratio of Funds to Assets; Chart of Accounts Wizard: Setting Fiscal Year, Using Account Numbers, Designing Structure; Assets & Liabilities; Setting Balances

A102 - Accounting 102

User-Interface Screen; Chart of Accounts Screen: Search plus Account Information, Detail, Balance, Tree View, & Vendor/Payee Tabs; Adding/Deleting/Editing an Account; Creating/Editing/Deleting Subtotals; Sub Funds & Sub Accounts

A103 - Accounting 103

Basic Transactions: Transaction Types & Numbers, Dual Entry, Effects of Debits and Credits; Transfer Donations to Accounting; Other Income: Entering, Multi-Lined Transaction, Income to Expense, Income to Liability; Entering and Paying Expenses, Adding Vendors on Enter Bills Screen, Posting Credit Memos, Show Running Balance; Pay Bills and Quick Pay; Paying from a Liability and Pass-Through Liabilities; Paying 941 Tax Deposit; Print Checks

A201 - Accounting 201

Budget Entering; Custom Account Groups; Financial Reports; Report Format Tabs: Custom Account Group, Columns, Detail, Funds, Fonts, Print Options; Getting Ready for Meetings: Balance Sheet, Treasurer’s Report, Fund Activity Report, Summary of Cash Activity, Check Register, Other Accounting Reports; Exporting Financial Data including Transactions, Accounts, Vendors, & A/R Clients

A202 - Accounting 202

Other Transactions: Transfers & Journal Entry; Recurring Transactions: Setting Up, Using, Editing; Corrections & Browsing Transactions Filter & Sort: Filter, Vendors/Payees, Group & Sort, Columns; Making Corrections, Marking a Bill as Paid; Manage Years: Change to another existing, Set New, View Year Information, Recopy Chart of Accounts from Prior, Update Begninning Balances, Close Accounting Year, Convert to Non-Calendar Year, Convert from Non-Calendar to Calendar Year

A203 - Accounting 203

Adjust Asset; Manual Payroll Journal Entry: Setting Up, Using, Editing; Voiding Checks; Prior System Checks; Bank Reconciliation

ACRV - Accounting Accounts Receivable

Invoices A/R Clients; Print Invoices; Design an Invoice; Collect Accounts Receivable; Print A/R Statements; Posting a Refund; Writing Off Uncollectable; Handling an NSF; Simple Invoice; Invoice with Payment Coupon; Statement


PACKAGE: All Payroll Workbooks

P101 - Payroll 101

Accounting & Payroll Linking; 7 Steps to Successful Payroll: System Profile, Deductions, Allowances, Departments, Local Tax Wizard, Enter People incl Ind Contractors, Account # Setup; Calculate Payroll: Taxable Earnings Report, Pay Type Earnings Report, Deductions Report, Check Register, Post to Employee File, Check Printing, Transfer to Accounting, Transfer Audit Report

P102 - Payroll 102

Setting up Direct Deposit, Create EFT Prenotify File, Paying by Direct Deposit, Calculate Adjustment, Bonus Payment, Void Individual Pay, Reactivate for Reposting, Electronic Filing