The Training Workbooks available here are a teaching tool. So they are written as if a trainer is walking you through each process!

The Training Workbooks are available for purchase in two ways: either as a downloadable, searchable PDF file or in the traditional, printed format.

These workbooks provide step-by-step training through every topic covered in our training classes.

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Below is a listing of each books and a listing of major topic contents.

All Workbooks have been written and edited for Church Windows v22. If any reference to a previous version exists, that indicates no change to that part of the program. You'll always and only have the most recent workbooks available here!


PACKAGE: All Membership Workbooks (8 Books)

PACKAGE: All Membership 100-Level Workbooks + Emailing (3 Books)

PACKAGE: All Membership 200-Level Workbooks (5 Books)

M101 - Membership 101

Membership Data Entry, Program Version and Portal, Special Functions/Settings & Options, Set Anniversary Date Tab, Attendance Options Tab, Lookup Data Tab, Indiv./Family Pictures Tab, People Screen, Blank Data Entry Form, Categories, Adding a Family & Family Record tabs, Deleting a Family, Adding Individuals, Deleting an Individual, Prior and Next, Person Lookup, Individual Record Tabs,  Groups/Classes & Skills/Interests, Address/Phone/Email, Comments, Photo, Printer/Map Address/Clipboard Button, Transfers, Transfer to Donations

M102 - Membership 102

Types of Fields, Special List Fields, Customizing Fields, Add, Delete, Hide, Field Order, When an Individual or Family Leaves the Church, Searches using Find, Person Lookup, Find on a Code, Save a Find, Reuse a Saved Find, Delete a Saved Find, New Search, Working with the Grid, Toggle between People and Grid, Tagging Records, Display Fields, Column Order, Sort by Field, Search in Grid, Add/Edit/Delete Data Quickly, Using Mass Edit, Mass Edit to Enter Data, Mass Edit to Change Data, Undo Mass Edit

M201 - Membership 201

Setting Up Groups/Classes, Add/Edit/Move/Delete Groups/Classes, Setting Up Skills/Interests, Add/Edit/Delete Skills/Interests, Assigning People into Groups/Classes and Skills/Interests, Create Labels for a Group/Class and Skill/Interest, Advancing Groups/Classes, Advance School Grades, Setting up Visits, Add/Edit/Delete Visits, Visit Reports

M202 - Membership 202

Entering Attendance by Person or Count, Adding new Individual during Attendance Entry, Track Communion, Relabeling Fields, Comments, Viewing Attendance by Event/Group/Class, Editing/Deleting/Copying Attendance Information, Transfer Attendance, Browse Attendance, Attendance Worksheet, Attendance Summary by Person Report, Attendance Summary by Event/Group/Class, Attendance Report

M203 - Membership 203

Printing Labels, Selecting People for Labels, Edit People Selection Screen, Giving/Pledging Selections and Accounts Tab, Sort Tab, Save Criteria, Creating Label Layout, Report Designer, Change Label Design, Sample Labels, Sending Emails, Setup Email Settings, Email and Individual, Re-use a Saved Email Message or Select a Signature, Email a Group of People, View Sent Email, Church Windows’ Compliance with USPS Requirements, CASS Certification and NCOA Processing, Printing Bar codes on Labels, Mail Merge/Export, Match Accounts

M204 - Membership 204

Membership Reporting, Reports/Directory/Export, Step 1, Edit People Selection Criteria, And/Or, Add Giving/Pledging Selection Criteria, Accounts Tab, Sort Tab, Saving Report Criteria, Step 2, Options, Report Layouts, Report Options, Giving/Pledging Date Range, Organization Information, Standard Report Formats, Creating/Editing Basic Report Layouts, All Information, Directory, Custom Layout, Directory Export, Standard Membership Reports, Birth Date Report, Anniversary Report, Group/Classes and Skill/Interest Reports, Membership Dashboard, Attendance Graph, List Item Distribution Graph, List Items by Age Range Graph, Age Range Distribution Graph

M205 - Membership 205

Using the Report Designer, Design Section, Standard and Data Controls, Sample Reports, Children’s Directory showing Parents’ Information Report, Pictorial Directory, Report of No Attendance and No Donations, Report using And/Or Buttons and the Use of Parentheses

EMailCW - Emailing from Church Windows

Entering Email Addresses, Setting Up Email Settings, Emailing from Membership & Donations, Emailing Reports & Donation Statements


PACKAGE: All Scheduler Workbooks (2 Books)

S101 - Scheduler 101

Setting Up the Scheduler Module, Linking Scheduler to the Membership Module, Categories, Duties, Equipment, Locations, Shaded Areas, Options, Opening and Creating a New Event, Recurring Events, Conflicts, Conflict Colors

S102 - Scheduler 102

Scheduler Reports, Print, Page Setup, Content/Format/Selections Tabs, Preview, Calendar Report, Event Report, Conflict Report, Duties Report, People Report, Format Tab Equipment and Location Reports


PACKAGE: All Donations Workbooks (6 Books)

D101 - Donations 101

Givers, Add Individuals to Donations, Add Individuals to Membership from Donations, Add Families & Groups to Donations, Add Groups to Membership from Donations, Manage Givers Screen, Assign a Giver #, Gives with Family, Transfer to Membership, Donations Accounts, Add Account, Manage Accounts Screen, Order Accounts, Create Subtotals

D102 - Donations 102

Default Settings, Batch Codes, Entering Donations Process, Account Order, Working with the Batch, Edit Item, Delete Entry, Print Batch Reports, Post the Batch, Unposted Batches, Special Donation Gifts, In-Kind, Gifts of Stock, Giving Distribution, Add Giving Account, Add New Donor, Prior System Donations, Posted Batches, View Batch, Print Batch, Correct Batch, Refresh Batch, Reactivate Batch

D103 - Donations 103

Link and Transfer to Accounting, Transfer using Backup & Restore, Import via File, Import via Download from Vanco, Export Donations Batch to File, Pledges & Campaigns, Edit or Remove Pledge Info, Edit or Delete a Campaign, Start New Campaign, Pledges by Giver Tab, View/Change/Edit Pledge Info, Donations Dashboard, Campaign Thermometer, Pledge/Giving Thermometer, Giving Account Pie, Steps Graph, Attendance vs Giving Graph, Account Weekly Balance Graph

D104 - Donations 104

Special Donations Situations, Transfer donations between Individuals, Duplicate Giver Transfer, Inactivate a Giver, Gift from an Estate, Change a Giver #, Auto-Assign Giver #s, Stop Using Giver #s, Browse/Correct/Reverse Donations, Change Dates Filter and Sort, Filter Tab, Group & Sort Tab, Columns Tab, Fonts Tab, Print Donations, Labels for Giver Envelopes, Creating a Campaign, Copy a Campaign, Prepaid Pledges, Delete Historical Giving Data

D105 - Donations 105

Report Selections, Filter Tab, Group & Sort Tab, Columns Tab, Fonts Tab, Givers Tab, Accounts Tab, and Options Tab, Show Reversed, Suppressing Repeating Transaction Data, Show Long Date & Time, Save Selections as Default, Export and Print, Donation Reports, Log Report, Giving Summary Report, Deposit Slip, Pledge/Giving Analysis, Campaign Comparison, Giving Comparison, Step Report, Statistical Report

D106 - Donations 106

Donations Statements, Receiving a Donation Statement, Donation Statement Setup, Step 1, Query Builder, Edit People Selection Criteria, Add Giving/Pledging Selection Criteria, Accounts Tab, Sort Tab, Options Tab, Giving/Pledging Date Range Tab, Set Date Range for the amounts on Statements, Organization Information Tab, Email, Relabel Fields, Names, Statement Designer, Change Font, Accounts Summary, Detail Section, Account Summary Sort, Statement Date Ranges, Lists & Labels, List Account Balances Report, List Giver #s Report, Labels, Sample Tri-fold Mailer Statement, Sample Window Envelope Statement


PACKAGE: All Accounting Workbooks (7 Books - Includes Accounts Receivable)

PACKAGE: All Accounting 100-Level Workbooks (3 Books)

PACKAGE: All Accounting 200-Level Workbooks (3 Books)

A101 - Accounting 101

Fund Accounting Definition, Components of a Fund, Ratio of Funds to Assets, Chart of Accounts Wizard, Setting Fiscal Year, Using Account Numbers, Designing Account Number Structure, Assigning Account Numbers, Design Funds and their Accounts, Creating Assets & Liabilities, Setting Beginning Balances

A102 - Accounting 102

Accounts Portal, Chart of Accounts Screen, Search, Account Information Tab, Detail Tab, Balance Tab, Tree View, Vendor/Payee Tabs, Adding/Deleting/Editing all types of Accounts; Creating/Editing/Deleting Subtotals, Using Sub Funds & Sub Accounts

A103 - Accounting 103

Settings, Basic Transactions, Transaction Types & Numbers, Dual Entry, Effects of Debits and Credits, Transfer Donations to Accounting, Default Account Links, Transfer Tab, Do Not Transfer Items, Entering Other Income, Entering, Multi-Lined Income Transaction, Income to Expense, Income to Liability, Entering and Paying Expenses, Adding Vendors on Enter Bills Screen, Posting Credit Memos, Show Running Balance, Pay Bills and Quick Pay, Paying from a Single Vendor with two Checks, Paying from a Liability and Pass-Through Liabilities, Paying 941 Tax Deposit, Paying Money through a Pass-Through Liability, Print Checks

A201 - Accounting 201

Entering the Budget, Custom Account Groups, Financial Reports, Report Format Tabs, Custom Account Group, Columns Tab, Detail Tab, Funds Tab, Fonts Tab, Print Options Tab, Balance Sheet, Treasurer’s Report, Fund Activity Report, Summary of Cash Activity, Check Register, Other Accounting Reports, Exporting Financial Data, Export Chart of Accounts Data, Export Accounts Payable, Export Accounts Receivable, Export Transactions, Sample Reports

A202 - Accounting 202

Other Transactions, Transfers & Journal Entry, Setting Up/Using/Editing a Recurring Transaction, Corrections & Browsing Transactions, Change Year Filter & Sort, Filter Tab, Custom Account Groups Tab, Group & Sort, Columns Tab, Fonts Tab, Vendors/Payees, Making Corrections, Making a Correction That does not Require a Reversal, Making a Correction that Requires a Reversal, Mark a Bill as Paid in Outstanding Bills, Manage Years, Change to another existing Accounting Year, Setup New Accounting Year, View Accounting Year Information, Recopy Chart of Accounts from prior Accounting Year, Update Beginning Balances, Close Accounting Year, Convert to Non-Calendar Accounting Year, Change from Non-Calendar Year to a Calendar Year, Delete Unused Accounts, Delete Accounting Years

A203 - Accounting 203

Adjust Asset, Payroll Journal Entry, Setting Up the Payroll Journal Entry, Using the Payroll Journal Entry, Edit the Transaction before Using, Voiding Checks, Prior System Checks, Bank Reconciliation Process, Accounting Dashboard, Account Weekly Balance Graph, Budget vs Actual Graph, Fund Receipts/Disbursements Graph, Income vs Expense Graph

ACRV - Accounting Accounts Receivable

Activating Accounts Receivable, Invoice A/R Clients, Print Invoices, Design an Invoice, Collect Accounts Receivable, Print A/R Statements, Posting a Refund, Writing Off Uncollectable Amounts, Posting a Partial Payment, Handling an NSF Check, How to get Individual Collection postings to Report as one Amount in Browse Transactions and on the Bank Reconciliation, Simple Invoice, Invoice with Payment Coupon, Statement


PACKAGE: All Payroll Workbooks (2 Books)

P101 - Payroll 101

Accounting & Payroll Linking, 7 Steps to Successful Payroll, System Profile, Deductions File, Allowances File, Departments File, Local Tax Wizard, Entering Employees and Contractors, Account Number Setup, Calculate Payroll, Pay Period Taxable Earnings Report, Post the Payroll to the Employees File, Check Printing, Transfer to Accounting, Accounting Transfer Audit Report, Reprint Check Stubs, Renumber Checks, Verifying your FUTA and SUTA Information

P102 - Payroll 102

Setting up Payroll to use Direct Deposit,  Setting up Direct Deposit at the Bank, Create & Copy EFT Prenotify File, Paying by Direct Deposit, Create EFT Transaction File, Copy the EFT File, Void EFT Pays, Calculate Adjustment, Posting Accrued Vacation/Sick Leave, Calculate Bonus Payment, Void Individual Pay, Reactivate Pay for Reposting, Calculate Group Term Life Taxes, Payroll Reports, Pay Period Earnings Report, Pay Period Deductions Report, Quarterly 941 Report, Annual 944 Form, W-2 Forms, Employer-Sponsored Group Health Coverage Benefit, Electronic Filing, SSA E-Filing, TaxBandits E-filing Service