Postage $aver is a great option for churches who send out bulk mailings or are considering doing bulk mailings. This wonderful tool prints information to complete the Post Office reports, bag, tag, and tray labels to make the job a breeze.

For Postage $aver to properly sync with Church Windows,
the purchase must be made from the
Church Windows Store or by calling 800.533.5227.

There is some connective coding required that won’t be available from Postage $aver.

To use Intelligent Bar Codes, the Church Windows version being used must be Version 15.11.4 or newer. Donations must be in use, rather than the older Contributions module.

Feel free to use the Postage $aver website as a bulk mail information reference point. Below are some useful learning links.

For a complete tutorial on Bulk Mailing, visit the Postage $aver web site. The link for Bulk Mail Tutorial for Beginners is a good place to gain insight into the bulk mail discount process.

For a Free 45-day Postage $aver Pro Trial Download, click Run for the download and installation processes to continue.