Church Windows Software is proud to partner with the largest and, in our opinion, the best in church photography:  Lifetouch Church Directories!

Lifetouch Church Directories is the largest and most trusted family, church, and school photography company in the country. They believe that every picture tells a story and that life is about making memories and sharing them with others.

For churches, Lifetouch Church Directories feels that creating meaningful connections is an important step in building and growing your church community and helping you achieve your goal of fostering families that feel connected. Lifetouch partners with you and offers photography and church directory tools that build these connections – at no cost to your church.

Because of their commitment to church photgraphy and directory services, Lifetouch photographs now integrate into Church Windows versions 21 and newer!

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You can also easily learn how to export data from Church Windows Software for use by Lifetouch here in the online Church Windows Help Files

And also from the Help Files: How to Handle Pictures in Church Windows