church windows customer support

Individual Customized Training utilizes Computer Helper’s Mini-Training Room to help you experience a hands-on and personalized approach to learning Church Windows. You may use your existing data or a working program demo.

Learn Church Windows using your own data!

Work with your Church Windows Trainer one-on-one using your church data to ensure that the topics essential to your learning are covered.

Because of the personalized nature of this training, one or two attendees are suggested to allow best focus. Additional learners are welcome, with a nominal additional charge.

For information regarding adding additional attendees, for questions about this training option, or to schedule an Individual Customized Church Training day, call us at 800.533.5227.

Time & Costs

  • An Individual Customized Training day consists of 6 hours of training time for two individuals per church or organization.
  • ICT rate is $450 per day


  • Individual Customized Training should be booked as early as possible to increase the probability of fulfilling your request.
  • Initial training must be at least one day with partial days or hourly rates beyond the initial day pre-approved by your trainer.
  • Once a date has been confirmed, a $50 nonrefundable deposit will be required to hold that date.
  • The deposit will then be applied toward the final invoice for training costs.

Actual Expenses

  • In addition to the training fee, the customer is responsible to pay all travel expenses to and from the training location, as well as meals, accommodation, and transportation while attending the training.
  • Contact Computer Helper for a list of recommended hotels and nearby restaurants.
  • Please note that there are limited restaurants within walking distance of the training facility.
  • The deposit will then be applied toward the final invoice for training costs.