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ACCOUNTING: Pay from Liability
Thu, Oct 4, 12pm ET
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Pass-Through Accounts, 941 Payments

Accounting Workbook A103 – pg 35 – 40
(Optional Purchase)

MEMBERSHIP: Entering Attendance
Fri, Oct 5, 11:30am ET
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Tracking Communion, Relabel Fields, Add Comments

Membership Workbook M202 – pg 8 – 11
(Optional Purchase)

Mon, Oct 8, 1pm ET
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Demo of Capabilities and Integration of KidCheck with Church Windows

More information about KidCheck’s integration with Church Windows in the online Help files
KidCheck Help Information

MEMBERSHIP: Data Entry Setup
Tue, Oct 9, 1pm ET
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Portal, Special Functions, Settings and Options

Membership Workbook M101 – pg 2 – 8
(Optional Purchase)

DONATIONS: Transfer to Accounting
Thu, Oct 11, 1pm ET
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Link, Transfer, and Reactivate Giving

Donations Workbook D103 – pg 2 – 18
(Optional Purchase)

ACCOUNTING: Enter Bills / Pay Bills
Tue, Oct 16, 1pm ET
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Entering and Paying Bills

Based on the free Support Center document & video
Accounting: Enter Bills, Pay Bills, Print Checks

DONATIONS: Reporting Options
Wed, Oct 17, 12pm ET
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Givers, Accounts, and Sorting

Donations Workbook D105 – pg 2 – 9
(Optional Purchase)

DONATIONS: More Reporting Options
Thu, Oct 18, 1pm ET
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Advanced Reporting Options and Capabilities

Donations Workbook D105 – pg 10 – 15
(Optional Purchase)

ACCOUNTING: Donations Income
Wed, Oct 24, 2pm ET
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Links and Transfers

Accounting Workbook A103 – pg 4 – 11
(Optional Purchase)

DONATIONS: Enter Donations Options
Thu, Oct 25, 1pm ET
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Adding Giving Accounts and Givers

Donations Workbook D102 – pg 21 – 26
(Optional Purchase)

PAYROLL: Payroll Reports
Mon, Oct 29, 12pm ET
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Payroll Reports, Deductions, Earnings

Payroll Workbook P102 – pg 27 – 29
(Optional Purchase)

MEMBERSHIP: Setup Skills / Interests
Tue, Oct 30, 11:30am ET
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Setup Skills & Interests for Membership

Membership Workbook M201 – pg 10 – 11
(Optional Purchase)

MEMBERSHIP: Attendance Reports
Wed, Oct 31, 12pm ET
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Worksheets, Summaries by Person, Events, Classes

Membership Workbook M202 – pg 27 – 42
(Optional Purchase)

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