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ACCOUNTING: Bills & Payments for a Particular Period
Tue. March 03, 11:30am ET
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Generate a report showing bills and payments grouped together by account for a specific month or period.

Based on Free Support Center Document
Report showing Monthly Bills and Payments

Thu. March 05, 1:00pm ET
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Cautions, Entering Data, Changing Data and Undo options within Mass Edit.

Membership Workbook M102 – pgs. 21-27
(Optional Purchase)

Wed. March 11, 12:00pm ET
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Reprint check stubs, Renumber Checks and Verifying FUTA and SUTA, and Health Insurance Benefits.

Payroll Workbook P101 – pgs. 36-41
(Optional Purchase)

DONATIONS: Other Enter Donation Information
Thu. March 12, 1:00pm ET
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Giving Distribution, Account Order, Add Giving Account, Add New Giver, and Prior System Donations.

Donations Workbook D102 – pgs. 22-26
(Optional Purchase)

MEMBERSHIP: Fields & Customizing
Tue. March 17, 12:00pm ET
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Types of Fields and Special List Fields. Relabel/Hide, Add/Delete/Rearrange Fields. Adding List Field and Codes. Delete/Hide Custom Fields.

Membership Workbook M102 – pgs. 2-7
(Optional Purchase)

VANCO: Special Joint Presentation
Wed. March 18, 2:00pm ET


ACCOUNTING: Custom Account Groups
Thu. March 19, 1:00pm ET
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How to setup and utilize Custom Account Groups within Reports.

Accounting Workbook A201 – pgs. 7-10
(Optional Purchase)

Tue. March 24, 11:30am ET
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How to add Donations Individuals and Membership Individuals from the Donation Module. Add Families and Groups into Donations. Add Groups into Membership from Donations.

Donations Workbook D101 – pgs. 5-11
(Optional Purchase)

PAYROLL: Void Individual Pay
Thu. March 26, 12:00pm ET
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Reactivate pay for reposting. Calculate Group Term Life taxes.

Payroll Workbook P102 – pgs. 20-24
(Optional Purchase)

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