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Payroll: New W-4 Form
Thu. April 02, 1:00pm ET
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How to handle the new W-4 Form in Payroll

Based on Free Support Center Document
2020 Form W4

Tue. April 07, 12:00pm ET
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Email setup, composition and selecting individuals

Emailing Workbook – pgs. 2-12
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DONATIONS: Online Giving
Wed. April 08, 12:00pm ET
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Online Giving options and how to integrate with Donations

Donations Workbook D103 – pgs. 11-18
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PAYROLL: Payroll Reports
Thu. April 16, 11:30am ET
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Pay Period Earnings, Deductions, and History Reports

Payroll Workbook P102 – pgs. 25-27
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ACCOUNTING: Meeting Reports
Wed. April 22, 1:00pm ET
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Balance Sheet, Fund Activity Reports, Treasurers Report and how to send via email

Accounting Workbook A201 – pgs. 22-26
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