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These free, moderated webinars are a great venue to share Church Windows ideas on a particular topic with other Church Windows users.
Every session is led by a member of our highly-experienced training staff!
  • Specific, ever-changing topics
  • Watch & learn from anywhere you have Internet access
  • Each session starts with an introductory walk-through of how the topic works within Church Windows and how it is beneficial in helping office efficiency
  • Live examples will be presented
  • Plenty of time for questions and answers from other users
  • Most webinars last about 20 minutes
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DONATIONS: Special VANCO Presentation
Tue, Nov 28, 2pm ET
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Special presentation co-hosted with VANCO to describe electronic giving options to assist your church by our business partner, Give+ Powered by Vanco.
Learn how to use electronic giving at your church to increase giving even through the “slow” months.

Wed, Nov 29, 2pm ET
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Version 20 – Use Mass Edit to change many records with only a few clicks – Powerful, time-saving tool!

Membership Workbook M102 – pg 20 – 25
(Optional Purchase)

MEMBERSHIP: Membership Buttons
Fri, Dec 1, 12pm ET
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Version 20 – Printer, label, email, compass, copy

Membership Workbook M101 – pg 31 – 32
(Optional Purchase)

MEMBERSHIP: Data Cleanup
Tue, Dec 5, 1pm ET
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Version 20 – What to do when a family leaves the church

Membership Workbook M102 – pg 7 – 8
(Optional Purchase)

MEMBERSHIP: Transfer Individuals & Families
Wed, Dec 6, 3pm ET
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Version 20 – Moving individual and families to new or existing households

Membership Workbook M101 – pg 32 – 34
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ACCOUNTING: New Year Prep & Help
Thu, Dec 7, 1pm ET
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Opening the new year

Based on the Accounting New Year Prep Steps document on the
New Year Prep & Help website page

MEMBERSHIP: Attendance Edit, Copy, & Delete
Mon, Dec 11, 1pm ET
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Version 20 – Working with  attendance data

Membership Workbook M202 – pg 12 – 16
(Optional Purchase)

DONATIONS: New Year Prep & Help
Tue, Dec 12, 2pm ET
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Preparing for new year. Giver #s and campaigns

Based on the Donations New Year Prep Steps document on the
New Year Prep & Help website page

ACCOUNTING: Chart of Accounts Cleanup
Fri, Dec 15, 12pm ET
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Adding and deleting accounts

Accounting Workbook A102 – pg 15 – 22
(Optional Purchase)

DONATIONS: Giving Statements (30 min. session)
Tue, Dec 19, 1pm ET
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Setting up and producing year-end statements

Donations Workbook D106 – pg 2 – 17
(Optional Purchase)

PAYROLL: End-of-Year Procedures & W-2s
Thu, Dec 21, 1pm ET
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Installing 2018, Producing W-2s, running End-of-Year

Based in part on the Payroll EOY Steps document on the
New Year Prep & Help website page

Recorded Church Windows Free Overview Webinars are available anytime by visiting the Church Windows YouTube channel.

Please visit the Church Windows
YouTube Channel’s Overview Webinars Playlist

to view recorded webinars for each module.

Another great, always-available resource is the topic-searchable Church Windows Support Center.

Reading Church Windows Financial Statements Recorded Webinar

If you have wondered how to read and understand your church’s financials, this educational opportunity is for you! The presentation will cover four main reports in the Church Windows Accounting program.

  • Balance Sheet
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Fund Activity Report
  • Summary of Cash Activity

Each statement is reviewed and an explanation of how the statements fit together is explained. No experience necessary and it’s free!

This Webinar took place July 12, 2011. The following is the webinar divided into four convenient segments.

Our facilitator is Mary Lou Turnbull, CCA, who offers more than 15 years’ experience working with church councils and financial staffs.