Download Prior Version Updates

Church Windows Updates contain enhancements and fixes that are essential to the best operation of your software. Always keep current!

Church Windows 21.18.4

Church Windows 20.17.3

Church Windows 19.16.3

Church Windows 18.15.4 (SR-4 Update)

Church Windows 17.14.4 (SR-4 Update)

Church Windows 16.13.3 (SR-3 Update)

Install Updates on the server and all workstations that use Church Windows.

Important Download & Install Notes:

Prior to doing any update, we suggest that you do a data backup before proceeding.

All users must always exit from Church Windows before beginning any Update installation.

We recommend choosing Save when prompted, then running the file after the download is complete.

If you are unable to download the files, please call 800.533.5227 to request that the Service Release on CD be mailed to you.