Donations: Vanco Direct Donation Import Process

In this video, learn how to use the new quick and easy import feature for on-line donations from Vanco into Church Windows. Presented 5/23/2018.

For those on Version 20.17.2 (Version 20 SR2) or newer, you can have your Church Windows software directly connect with the Vanco Payment Solutions servers and import your online giving. Church Windows is smart! It looks for duplicates and previously-imported giving.

But you must have your Vanco Client ID and also register as a Vanco Web Services User. This document outlines all information to get started now!

View or Print PDF: Donations: Vanco Direct Donation Import Process


For Versions 18 through 20.17.1, you can still import within Church Windows from a downloaded Vanco file.


Church Windows Software is continually receiving enhancements, so some screen shots and version numbers may differ slightly from your actual software.

This does not affect the content or the functionality discussed.