View or Print PDF: Exporting Envelope Numbers & Names for Envelope Company

1. Click Membership > Reports > Envelope # List.

2. Envelope Number Print Options screen

  • Do not change ‘Range of numbers’
  • Put a checkmark at ‘Omit those without next year Envelope #s’
  • Change Sort order to ‘Envelope # – Next Year’
  • Next

3. Report Format screen

  • Choose Mail Merge/Export and New

4. Mail Merge/Export screen

  • Type a Title (i.e.: Envelope Export)
  • Export File, File Name, click on the box to the right of the field with ‘…’ choose Desktop, click OK, then type the name of the file at the blinking cursor, end with “.txt” (exclude quotes). (i.e. envexport.txt)
  • Double-click on Mailing Label, Address 1, Address 2, City State, Zip code
  • Double-click on Envelope # – Next Year
  • OK
  • Next

5. Your data is in a Text file

  • Close Church Windows

6. Open your Email and attach the file you just created. It will be on your Desktop